Elastic Mooring System

Elastic mooring system is a more sensible alternative to traditional ball and chain moorings.

Helical Embedment Anchor

Helix anchors are a completely different level apart from traditional mushroom, pyramid, and concrete blocks, all of which heavily impact the ecosystems they’re placed in.

Mooring Buoys

Your buoy size is determined by the amount of tackle it must float. Here are some options.

Mushroom anchors

There are 3 basic types of mushroom anchors available, imported mushrooms, Seaboard USA mushrooms and Annes USA counterweighte

Mooring Pennants

Our pennants are custom made by our professional riggers.

About Us

Aquidneck Mooring Company (AMC) services over 600 moorings throughout Narragansett Bay including Newport, Middletown, Portsmou

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