How we work

Published by Greg DeAscentis on Tuesday, 21st May 2013 - 11:49AM


We bill when the work is complete.

Annual service fee is $160.00

Fall winterizing is $80.00 billed in the Fall or Winter. 

Spring commissioning is $80.00 and is billed in the Spring or Summer. 

Call us 2 weeks ahead of when you need a mooring ball in place for the Spring. It's not necessary to get in earlier than a week before your launch date. We always make our deadlines and are easy to reach if something changes. 

We inspect top chains every year in the spring and keep track of condition in millimeters so we can usually forewarn you of any maintenance coming due a season or two in advance. We like to replace the chains when needed in the spring when we are installing mooring balls. We also flip top chain end for end when is gets warn half way through its life and that will extend safe usable life by sometimes a factor of x 2. Good for you and the environment. 

Your inspection cycle with the town will automatically be tracked and done when required ($160.00 for town inspection). 

 We do permanent heat applied numbering and lettering on the polyethylene balls at $3 a digit. You will have neat clean numbers and letters for the life of the ball. All doublebraid, singlebraid and 3 strand line and high tech line splicing is done in house and is load tested and whipped by our riggers. We can make any custom configuration you may require now or in the future.

Aquidneck Mooring Company is a trained and certified Helix anchor installer.


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