Custom Mooring Pennant

Published by Greg DeAscentis on Wednesday, 21st May 2014 - 1:46PM


42. Newport requires a minimum pennant diameter of 1" for a 41-50' boat over 50' Newport requires 1 1/4". We prefer using a double braid line with polyester cover and nylon core USA made. We also prefer a wye shape line with independent arms that can be replaced without re-splicing ( see photo ). The average cost for a 1" wye which has six splices and a minimum of  47' of 1" line is $350.00. The labor for 6 splices and assembly of pennant usually around $160.00, the heavy duty over sized stainless thimble is $48.00, the 1" x 47' minimum of line at $2.47 = $128.78 and 4' of cordura chafe on each arm is $2.54 x 8' = $20.32. The total for this basic pennant layout is $356.32. If you want to scale back any of the hardware or line let us know. If you want to add any options let us know as well.

 The mooring pennant is most important part of a mooring system and is typically the point of failure during a storm. All the extra's that we recommend are insights from the hundreds of pennants we have made serviced over the last 10 years. 


 1) Chafe sleeve can be increased to cover entire arms of pennant and over loops @ $2.54/ foot.

 2) Also we recommend a 1' piece of chafe material that is a larger diameter to slide over the area that goes through the chock to double up against wear from the chock. $3.16/ foot. Cheap insurance during a storm.

 3) We have found that when using two lines off the mooring ball that occasionally the boat can lay up against the mooring ball the arms of a pennant can get caught under the ball and chafe through the line against the chain. Properly sizing the length of the arms to not allow it to reach the ball helps to prevent this and also adding on 3" toggle floats every 16" on the body and lower ends of the arms helps to keep the lines floating and out from under the ball. $4.80 each.

 4) Another problem when using two lines is that the lines will twist around each other as the boat spins around the mooring. To relieve the twisting we add a stainless jaw to eye swivel which we incorporate directly onto the thimble before we splice the pennant. The stainless lasts indefinitely out of the water and two shackles are eliminated from the pennant system attachment. 3/4" jaw to eye swivel $95.00 ( standard stainless bow shackle 3/4" =  $40  or 7/8" = $75) You will need to choose one of these attachment options.

 5) We sell pickup buoys encased in plastic pex tubing which keeps the pick up buoys splinter free for life. We splice stainless clips on to the pick up buoys with Hi-tec line to allow you dis-attach the pickup while your boat is moored. 6' no splinter pick up $54, 8' = $57.00, 10' = $85.64. 

 6) Buoy boot. Soft vinyl protector that covers jaw to eye swivels or shackle connections on the top of the ball to prevent the boat from possibly getting scratched or dinged or the ball from getting worn by the swivel action. $35.00

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