About Mushroom Anchors

Published by Greg DeAscentis on Wednesday, 21st May 2014 - 1:55PM


There are 3 basic types of mushroom anchors available, imported mushrooms, Seaboard USA mushrooms and Annes USA counterweighted head mushrooms.

The imported mushroom anchors typically come from China and India. The quality of the shafts and casting varies from each distributor. The imported anchors that AMC sells are hand pick from our vendor by us. We resonance test each anchor we sell to unsure good casting between the steel shaft and cast iron dish (we resonance test all anchors we sell).

300lb Imported mushroom anchor

Seaboard USA mushroom anchors are forged in USA from domestic and imported components. The eye size is the same as an imported anchor which typically measures 28mm or 1 1/8". The cost is double that of imported anchors

Below is a photo of a reconditioned counterweighted eye mushroom anchor. The eye is 55mm which should last 20 years. 

 You can see there is a big difference in the size of the eye between anchor types. The counter weight type far outlasts the others. Plus the extra weight of the counter weight keeps the anchor set down into the mud and not upright. We can add this feature onto any type of anchor , new or used.

As you shop around ask for what type of anchor and what size is the eye. Whether an anchor is imported or domestic the size of the eye dictates how long it will last.

Reconditioned 550lb counterweighted eye mushroom

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